Aye Aye

Aye-aye- Daubentonia madagascariensis

The Aye-aye, known locally as “The Nosferatu Lemur,” but more accurately as “The Awkward Band Kid of Madagascar.”
Local legends peg this guy as an all-around “terror of the dark.”  Stories go that if given the opportunity, the Aye-aye would kill you and everyone you love.  Not for food, but because they are creatures of pure evil, and their long middle finger is just designed for stabbing out throats and eyes.  Even sighting an Aye-aye is thought to be an “evil omen,” and as a result they are shot on-sight by natives of the area.  Such pointless extermination led to these beautiful monsters to be almost extinct by 1933.
Boooo.  Not cool, guys.
Just because the Aye-aye looks awkward, it doesn’t give a free-pass for wholesale xenocide.
Let’s check the stats:
-Expert percussionists (they tap on trees to echo-locate grubs)
-The biggest nocturnal primates (suck it, bushbabies)
-Teeth that never stop growing (like a guinea pig)
-Likes to live alone (who doesn’t?)
-Nighttime people murder isn’t even on their resume.  
-All they want to do is practice their tappity taps on trees, gnaw out a little hole, and use their snacking finger to grab a treat.

If you want to learn more, check out the Duke Lemur Center below.  Feel free to donate and help leave the Aye-ayes alone.


  1. Before this, all I knew about Aye-ayes was from the All Hail King Julien cartoon on Netflix - Phillip


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