Mindanao bleeding-heart

Mindanao bleeding-heart- Gallicolumba crinigera

Shot through the heart, and you're too late. You give love a bird's name. Everyone can agree that most people hate Valentine’s day.
None more so than the Mindanao bleeding-heart pigeon, who sarcastically says “woo-oo” to everything.  This lil’ drama bomb wears its sadness and morosity like a bloody hole in its chest, which is exactly how it looks.  Turns out, looking like you chest-bumped a wet plate of spaghetti is a great way to get the ladies (or mandies, depending on which sex you ask).  The redder the chest, the more likely this bloody baron is a healthy mate.  Which is why, just like everyone else, it hates Valentine’s day so much.  All the red trash floating around, it makes the birds without mates (or slightly duller red patches) feel super-crappy and left-out, and is the number-one cause of their population decline, outside of habitat loss.