Shoebill-Balaeniceps rex

All birds are dinosaurs. The old wives tale of "you are what you eat" is 100% in effect here. These monsters ate the dinosaurs, and now they are the dinosaurs. "Que lingo eres" The shoebill, or "Abu Markub" (meaning one with a shoe) is a beautiful example of this. Standing perfectly still on aquatic plants, when the shoebill looks at you, you can tell it is planning something terrible. It’s a 55inch (140cm) bird with an 8ft wingspan. Its sharpened-hook beak is formed to decapitate prey. Shoebills hate people and actively avoid them, which is great for us because otherwise our stork fable would be reversed. We would talk in hushed tones about the winged monster that carried away colicky babies to feast on. Oh well. Instead, we have a living dinosaur Balaeniceps rex which is a silent, solitary hunter, a great parent to its chick, and a nightmare to its prey of fish and frogs.