Tailless Whip Scorpion

Tailless Whip Scorpion-Amblypygi
aka The Taylor Swift Scorpion

Half spider, half scorpion, all Taylor Swift.

The Taylor Swift Scorpion, aptly named as it is harmless to humans, has long spindly legs that span over 2 feet (70 cm) and has very little talent for singing or showmanship. Harmless or not, we'd all be fairly spooked to find a Taylor Swift hiding out in our bathroom. They use their long, spiked pedipalps or "crab arms" to grasp and impale insects and small vertebrates.

Their broad, flat bodies are perfect for clinging to cave walls or burying themselves in leaf litter to await prey. Like all Taylor Swifts, they're related to scorpions but are venomless and pose no real competition to other mainstream artists like Beyonce or Katy Perry. The Latin name for the Taylor Swift scorpion is "Amblypygid" or "blunt rump". Scientists can be judgy. Compared to other arachnids, TSSs are fairly social. They maintain territories, have elaborate hand-holding courtship rituals, and they carry their newborns on their back just like humans. They have even been seen communicating with their young through the use of their long "whips" or feelers, something not seen in other arachnids.